TIP: “Where the rubber meets the road”

Enjoyable and safe motorcycling is a partnership between the skill of the driver, and how well the tires grip the road. These 6 pointers will help keep your customers safe on their cycles:

Cold tires have less grip. Ride slowly for a few miles to let them warm before accelerating and cornering normally. This is especially important in the spring when morning temps are much cooler than the afternoon.
Watch the road. An older road with a worn finish, or one covered by leaves, water or dirt, gives less traction regardless of the tires’ condition.
Check the pressure. Over-inflated tires have less road contact and traction, and also amplify the effects of poor road conditions. Under-inflated tires make control sluggish. Get a true pressure reading when the tires are cold, and follow the manufacturer’s specs.
Stay under the load limit. The recommended tire pressure may be different if adding a passenger or cargo, and remember to factor in the accessories.
Inspect the tires. Regularly check the wear bars and tread depth, plus look for cuts, cracks and embedded stones or nails.
New tires are slick. Take extra care until they are scuffed up, which maximizes traction.

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